Who We Are

This is a marketplace both web and mobile app responsible for facilitating trade between smallholder farmers, local producers, manufacturers and suppliers. It provides a secure trade environment, with trusted farmers and partners using technology, and working with experts. The platform target direct consumers (B2C) such as individual shoppers and Businesses (B2B) such as hotels, agro industries and institutions. From our platform one farmer or producer can sale products to many buyers; single buyer can buy products from farmers groups, associations and cooperatives or many farmers groups with many buyers;

The platform includes the following functions:

1) Farmer Registrations

It allows farmers to list their produce and tracks real time inventory levels as well as basic production forecasting.

2) Warehouse Management Platform

The platform manages farmer, local farmer or distributor profiles; it allows the viewing of inventory levels in the warehouse location radius. It manages incoming products, processing and packaging inventory as well as outgoing orders.

3) E-Commerce

The platform allows clients to make orders from a range of products directly from nearby farm, nearby warehouse, nearby local markets or nearby local distributors/suppliers, clients can also select and manage their preferred suppliers, view his/her invoices and view real time inventory as well as future production schedules.